How Acupuncture Effortlessly Treats Facial Paralysis

Whoever has experienced Bell's Palsy will let you know how disturbing the symptoms may be. One of the reasons it's so disturbing is that it appears to occur to people out-of the blue - one day they are living their lives and things are fine and another day has struck. Medical practioners have a small number of possibilities for why it happens and when these are eliminated - people are told the cause is unknown.

The symptoms are serious! Failure to close the eye all the way causes severe dry eye, which effects vision and one's power to get sufficient sleep. Patients are walking around consistently applying eye-drops. The closing of the mouth is affected also which makes it impossible to drink liquids and to manage one's saliva. What I hear from patients primarily could be the embarrassment of being on earth with people and maybe not having the ability to talk at full capacity. We ignore how major facial expressions are when wanting to make our way within the world.

Everyone else who suffers with Bell's Palsy must seek out assistance from a skilled acupuncturist. Acupuncture can help tremendously in regards to rehabilitating the muscles of the face. Acupuncturists see Bell's Palsy as an ailment that effect the meridians of the face, which in our medicine, is mainly the meridian of the stomach. Our treatment key is always to move energy up towards the face and promote the flow of blood and fluids back once again to the facial paralysis. Perhaps you are wondering why Bell's Palsy affects the meridian of the stomach. To explain this, I'll explore some theory behind how energy is done and lost inside a body's energy system.

In Chinese medicine, energy comes from two different places. The first is the dynamic potential we are born with - in Western medi-cal terms this would be one's DNA or inheritance of genes from the mother and father. The second is the vitality that the human body comes from food. This transformation of energy is said to happen within the spleen and stomach in Chinese Medicine. When this technique is poor, which it's quite often in Americans, you were more prone to many fluctuations one being Bell's Palsy.

In my practice I am looking at one's health background and life style practices over the past a few decades. How many children have they'd, did they breast-feed their children, how have they taken care of themselves in terms of diet and nutrition, how they have taken care of themselves in terms of good wellness practices.

In terms of onset of the problem I'm looking at whether there has been an acute case of stress or was the person subjected to extreme cases of cold or heat or wet. Weather make a difference the onset of a destruction of the meridians of the face. The face is generally unprotected in the elements.

The top case-scenario for optimizing the results of acupuncture is to be treated as soon as possible after on-set. Individuals attended to me up to two months after on-set and their recovery is slower but continues to be helped by acupuncture. The rate of recovery has to do with your age, the quantity of energy stores your body has, how well you are absorbing, how nourishing your diet is and has been and how well you look after your-self and did in the past.

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Many people recover from the original on-set but maintain they've never fully recovered. Please don't be one of these unfortunate ones and improve your chances of recovery by seeing a talented acupuncture physician in your neighborhood area.

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